Article about the Cork distance week by Cripin Thorhold

2 juni 2017

We received an interesting article written by Chrispin Thorhold. We recognised several names of swimmers who attend this week. organiser Ned Denison was coached by Marcel van der Togt, of the open water swimming club, during his Ijsselmeer crossing.  Crispin Thorhold swam several times the English Channel and was trained by Marcel van der Togt

His experience during the Cork Distance week, organised by Ned Denison gave an interesting inside in this special training week.

Tracy Clark was mentioned also, she was the first to swim the icemile during the Dutch Open Ice swimming in the Netherlands, organised by the open water swimming club.

The article shows the international connection of the open water swimming club. If you like to join us, join us in november when we organise our powerweek in Lanzarote.

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